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Upcoming Trips


Savannah, GA
August 2017

We're heading to Savannah, Amanda's favorite city for her birthday around the 23rd. We're also hoping to capture some photos of the solar eclipse on the 21st. 

Montreal, CA
September 2017

Oh Canada! It's been a long time coming. We're finally going to Montreal.

New York, NY

Wedding season gears back up in September so we'll be staying home in NY. But the exploring never ends!



Here you'll learn what has taken us years of traveling to figure out. What is involved when you take a trip and decide to capture your journey. You'll find out what to pack and what is just not worth it. We'll teach you the art of patience and how to deal with tourists.  



It's 2017 and we are so happy that it is. We fully use technology not only to help us book our travel accommodations, our experiences but also to capture moments and to help us along our way. Fully equipped with translator apps, ways to book, how to keep organized and while you're here what apps are great to learn a new language altogether. 


Travel Blog

Once a week we'll be sharing content for our most dedicated readers, our most adventurous explorers, our most native New Yorkers and everyone in between. All of your questions answered in our blog and so much more. Follow along with us and subscribe so you don't miss a thing.