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Hi there!

Welcome to The Travel Rats! I wanted to give you all some insight into what Austin and I are doing here. I can honestly say our most asked question is “how can you travel so often?” The truth is, depending on what country we’re visiting, sometimes we save money by not being in the states. For instance, the cost of living dramatically differs from New York to Bangkok. 

The second thing is that we truly believe we can’t afford to not travel. We live day to day, the future is not promised. Don’t save your adventures for retirement, do it now while you live and breathe.

I had this insignificant moment last week that changed everything for me. I ordered a new Starbucks iced tea through my phone. I thought to myself “this sounds cool, I’ll give it a try.” When my order was ready, I picked it up and right before I put my lips to the straw I had a surge of excitement. I was about to try something completely new to me. I had no idea how that tea would taste and yet I was fearless and excited!

I thought of how often people live the same life over and over. They eat the same food, they drinks the same drinks, see the same people, watch the same shows, take the same trains, walk the same streets. How exciting is that? Not at all.

When I’m not traveling I’m still looking for something new. . i.e the Starbucks tea or sushi that after 27 years of life I just began eating. Even beer, the very thing I swore I’d never enjoy drinking because “it all tastes the same, bad” I finally found many beers I love. Seriously, who am I?

Cut to this website. I want you all to break free of your everyday. I want to help bridge the gap between you and getting to live your fullest life. 

With that said, we’ll be sharing top travel tips; how to book, how to budget, where to go, what to see, how to capture it. Even though New York is home, it’s still one of the most popular tourism destinations so we will not be leaving it out. In fact, we’re going to make you feel like a damn local.

Thank you so much for your support and for taking this adventure with us!

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Safe Travels,