How to Not Look Like a Tourist in NYC

Us New Yorkers aren't that bad. In fact, we understand that tourism is what keeps this city booming! So, we don't hate you. Anytime anyone leaves home, we become tourists or travellers if you will. There are clear determining factors that reveal the presence of a tourist in New York and in an effort to make you feel more like a local and less like a sore thumb we've compiled a list especially for you. Complete with GIFs from Giphy, you'll be a New Yorker in no time. 

How to not look like a tourist in NYC 101:


Ditch the poncho :

New Yorkers hate the rain and yet we take no extra precaution to avoid it. We rarely even pack an umbrella when we're sure its going to rain. We just hope the people we walk amongst in public have big enough umbrellas to catch the falling rain above us. Besides, you don't want to end up like this guy: 

Velcro-strapped Sandals:

This is how New Yorkers look at tourists when we see them adjusting their velcro sandals in the streets. Don't do it guys, they're not as practical as you think. Opt for a pair of comfy sneakers and for extra local points, don't wear your socks too high. 




Camera Straps around the neck:

We get it, we're photographers.We understand that you have to take your camera with you. Just don't wear it around your neck, wear it cross body. And if you're really trying to be legit, swap out the stock band that reads Canon or Nikon for something more discrete. Exhibit A: 


Map or Guide Book:

Smart phones are a cool invention and they will have more up to date information than a book. A book labeled "New York guide" will be a dead giveaway and you will for sure be paying tourist prices 200% for that hot dog. 


Hip-wrapped Hoodie:

We are going to demonstrate the only way to wear a hoodie. It does not go wrapped around your hips or hanging over your shoulders. Take notes people


Master the MetroCard Swipe

Nothing, we repeat nothing is more embarrassing then messing up the swipe. You have to nail it every time and if it doesn't work you have to blame it on the MTA. These are the rules, we didn't make them up. 


Huge Backpacks

What. Do. You. Have in there?! NO seriously, we want to know. There is literally a bodega on every corner. You are not hiking through the tundra, you are not climbing the mountains of Manhattan. Down size. 


disclaimer: this message was approved by a bunch of native New Yorkers

Safe Travels,

The Travel Rats


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