5 "Secrets" about Iceland


5 Secrets about Iceland

aka things people didn't tell us about Iceland.


it smells

What the hell guys? Everyone dropped the ball on this one. Why didn't anyone tell us how bad Iceland smells? We've had so many conversations with people who have visited Iceland and I don't understand why they kept this secret from us. Okay, so Iceland smells because of all of the sulfur which I will tell you, smells like rotten eggs. It smelled so heinous in some parts that I eventually came up with the plan to spray by bandana with perfume and then pull it over my nose when it got super smelly. Walking through geysers and hot springs were the worst. They were the smelliest and most beautiful. 


people leave their babies outside

Yeah, you read that right. Parents in Iceland leave their baby outside of coffee shops, apartments, shops etc wrapped up in a carriage while they're inside. Number one, I'm not judging. Parenthood is nothing I can or want to judge. Two, they have to be doing something right because they're number six for countries with the highest life expectancy in the world. In the 20th century, tuberculosis spread through their nation, coinciding when strollers came to Iceland and it was a popular belief that fresh air was better for children's health. With those three things, it only made sense to keep babies outside sleeping, for their own good, literally. It's still a thing that happens so if you ever visit, don't call child services!


it's expensive

I think Iceland was the most expensive country we've ever been to together. It makes sense, everything has to be imported because they have cold weather year-round. It's not exactly perfect conditions for farming. This, in turn, makes everything expensive. We're talking $6 USD for an apple, $30 USD for a burger $12 USD for ice-cream. Don't even get me started on the little things like candles and home goods. Luckily, I had no room to pack anything even if I did find something I liked. Austin and I lived off of frozen pizza and pasta the whole trip. I even had cup-noodles a few times. 


so many coffee shops

There are so many coffee shops in Iceland, specifically in Reykjavik. If you google best coffee shops in Iceland, there are many many lists. In fact, one of them listed 21 best coffee shops. Can you imagine how many are in existence? An infinite amount of coffee shops and cafes. Obviously, this came as a very pleasant surprise for me and I was hopped up on lattes for the better part of our trip. My favorite was Sandholt which had such a beautiful aesthetic and great coffee.


change of weather

There's a saying in Iceland: if you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes. We found out while we were there just how inconsistent the weather was. While we saw snow covered mountains, we didn't see any snow fall while we were there but temperatures raised and dropped so fast. One moment we were trying to seek shelter, another we were outside in t-shirts drinking a beer. Rain would down pour and stop in one minute to reveal clear skies. Be prepared for it all if you visit.



Now I have said "if" you visit but what I really mean is "when" you visit because Iceland is by far the most beautiful country I've ever seen so far. The views will make you crave more. The energy of its nature and stunning waterfalls is so consuming that you will never want to leave. You will be fearless if it means taking that scary step into a cave to uncover a hidden troll home because it's just that magical. Yeah, it smells, but you'll come back home, smell rotten eggs and think of sulfur. Sure it's expensive, but there are so many free things to do and see. Alright, people leave their babies outside but when you realize that there aren't any screaming babies anywhere you'll have no complaints. 
Book your trip to Iceland because I just uncovered the secrets for you. You're welcome. 

Safe Travels,