7 Small Things, Big World Impact

7 Small Things, Big World Impact

There is a proverb that states "many hands make light work." I first heard it after a dinner party in London, we get it Dan, we'll help you clean. But it always resonated with  me after that, how easy things can be if a lot of people got together with one common goal. We cleaned that kitchen up in 5 minutes, but if 10 of us didn't help, it would've taken an hour. How cool is that? With the start of this website, it got me thinking. What small things can we do, if we were all on board, that would make a global impact?

I urge you all to be the change in the world that you want to see because everything matters. Every 'like' on Facebook, your comments on Instagram, your retweets on Twitter, they matter in the grand scheme of it all. 

1. Recycle

When I asked around, what small things we can do to make a big world impact, almost everyone had the answer "recycle." And yet, I still find people not recycling at all. Even small to big businesses don't practice recycling standards. Some of us live so much in our moment that we lack forward thinking. 

According to HowStuffWorks "if a family of four recycled plastic waste, it would eliminate nearly 340 pounds of carbon-equivalent emissions each year. Multiply that by families all over the world who are making a concerted effort to recycle as much waste as possible, and there's room to make a real impact on the planet – starting with just one sports drink bottle." Found: here 

We should treat the world like our home. Clean up after yourself. 

2. ReUse 

Speaking of plastic bottles, how about we start eliminating them altogether. Not only will carrying your own bottle save you money but it'll help make an impact on the earth. I bought a $5 water canister and it's one of my favorite things ever. I pack my own water on days when I'll be out so that I don't have to buy a bottle of water. So BYOB, bring your own bottle of water. I love carrying a tote that can be packed into a tiny pouch. Whenever I'm out and purchase something I tell the cashier to keep the bag. You don't need yet another plastic bag. There are plenty of things you can reuse to help our environment, so put your thinking cap on rats.

3. Don't Eat Meat Everyday 

I find that this is easier for some people than others. However, "according to Environmental Defense, if every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetarian foods instead, the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off of U.S. roads." this statement from alternate.org is only referring to Americans, so imagine if the whole world did it? 

There are so many other benefits to going without meat just once a week as well. I spring for two days a week relatively often. I find that meat is usually a side thing and can be easily substituted for a delicious vegetarian options. 

4. Take a Walk 

The best part of this simple way to make a big world impact is that it can make a big impact on your wallet as well as your health. Skipping the car ride to your local coffee shop has the power to reduce the impact of greenhouse emissions which effect global warming. Every time you choose to use your body for transportation you're making an impact on the world. Maybe walking isn't your things, invest in a bike? Just leave your car at home. 

5. Stop Glamorizing Animal Cruelty 

What if we told you, you can witness the beauty of an elephant and not ride it? What if I told you, there are other ways to keep warm that didn't involve wearing fur? Or that you could look cool without your snake-skin boots? Or that petting a drugged up tiger just isn't cool? Sometimes, we aren't the perpetrators of these acts, but we are the people behind our phones and computers that glamorize them? Every time we send a heart into cyber space to a photo that represents animal cruelty we aren't helping we're furthering the obsession of some things that are pretty heinous. 

6. Love Yourself

I wish this was the easiest one of them all because it could play such a tremendous part on how the world lives. It's my belief and you don't have to agree, that a lot of every day hate comes from not truly loving ourselves. It's hard to avoid feeling bitter or jealous but when you can be happy in your moment, in your life, you can appreciate all of the beauty around you. When you love yourself, small acts of kindness are a pleasure and the world becomes an alright place for that point in time. 

No one should pose a threat to your self love. You can compliment someone else and not question your own worth. We're all beautiful, be kind to others, you'll feel the difference.

7. Take Shorter Showers 

The average shower uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Which means that shaving your shower down from 10 minutes to 7 minutes can say over 7 gallons of water. Some also suggest saving water by turning it off the shower completely as you soap up. If you find yourself hanging out in the shower, you can have a huge impact on the world if you cut down your shower and use it only essentially. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this. What other small things can we do daily that could have a big impact on the world? We'd love to hear more suggestions, you can leave the right in the comments below so that others can view them. 

Remember, everything matters. Be conscious of the decisions you make, take full responsibility for your actions and lets start changing the world together.

Safe Travels,