5 Benefits of Carry-On Only

5 Benefits of Carry-on Only Travel

If you have never been one of those people who could pack for a trip, for any duration using only a carry-on, hopefully, this blog post will convert you. I'll be discussing benefits of carry-on only for you. 

1. Save Money

Packing only a carry-on will help save money in four different ways. Number one, carry-on size luggage is cheaper. The second, some airlines are now charging to check luggage in for a flight. The third is that you won't feel the need to fill a big suitcase so you'll be less tempted to shop for your trip for many, many outfit choices. The fourth, a small suitcase will limit what you can buy when you're abroad, ya'know like all the things we actually don't need. 

2. No Lost Luggage

I'm not saying it's not impossible. However, the chance of your luggage being lost or stolen drops a significant amount when you carry your luggage on with you. Photographer, Ashleigh Bing shared one of her travel hacks with me, she keeps her carry-on above the seat that is opposite to hers (on the right or left.) This gives her a clear view of where her carry-on is stowed at all times during the flight. 

3. Enjoy Vacation Sooner

One of my absolute favorite things about only using a carry-on is the ability to walk off of the plane and almost immediately begin my vacation or holiday, barring customs. You will rarely find me at the luggage carousel and when I say rarely it's because a travel buddy may not know how to pack as efficiently. Get with the program guys! The anxiety that comes with that carousel, hoping to spot your luggage is way too much for me. Another plus, after a long flight home you can be on your way to rest up to plan your next trip 😬


5 Benefits of Carry-on Only Travel



4. Lose Less

Am I the only one who loses things on vacation? The less you pack, the less you lose. You'll have fewer items to keep track of and more will make it back home with you. 

5. Hotel Hopping Friendly

Very often, hotel hopping is happening. Imagine having to pack a gigantic suitcase every two days. Hell no. Keep things simple and light. It also helps when you're going to and from different locations with luggage in tow. Trust me, it's hard enough with a little carry-on walking through old cobble-stone streets, you don't want to find your big suitcase flipping everywhere. 


So I hope I made the case for carry-on only! It seems hard at first, I was an over-packer myself years ago. But just know that when you have to make it work, you will, indeed make it work. 

Happy Travels,

Amanda Lee