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Chasing The Solar Eclipse Experience 2017

I'm all about living for new experiences, and when I heard that the United States was going to witness a total solar eclipse in August of 2017, it wasn't going to be an exception.  Where I live in New York City, we were supposed to see somewhere around 72% coverage of the eclipse, but why settle for just 72%?  I had to go see totality, and that meant taking a little trip down south...

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How to Afford Travel

Austin and I are frequently asked, how is that we can afford to travel. Here's a secret, travel is not for the rich. It might even be for the modest. Below we've compiled a list of things that we don't spend money on which is an example of some of the cuts you can make in order to travel. I used items that a lot of the people who ask this question often seem to have or buy. I then looked up the average price a consumer can expect to pay and compared the prices to a trip.

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7 Small Things, Big World Impact

There is a proverb that states "many hands make light work." I first heard it after a dinner party in London, we get it Dan, we'll help you clean. But it always resonated with  me after that, how easy things can be if a lot of people got together with one common goal. We cleaned that kitchen up in 5 minutes, but if 10 of us didn't help, it would've taken an hour. How cool is that? With the start of this website, it got me thinking. What small things can we do, if we were all on board, that would make a global impact?

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