Marrakech, Morocco

It has always been a dream of ours to head to Morocco one day and finally, last year the opportunity presented itself. What we expected to see were desserts and gorgeous textiles, what we didn't expect was the abundance of delicious Italian food or our last minute hot air balloon ride to witness the Moroccan sunrise. 

Our first stop was Marrakech where we stayed at Residence Dar Lamia, which is a boutique hotel in Oulad Chaoud. The grounds were scattered with flower covered archways and beautiful pendant lamps. Every corner was stunning and the service was impeccable. We were greeted promptly with proper Moroccan mint tea and by the end of our stay we felt like the staff were family. You can check out the hotel here:

We didn't intend to be waking up at sunrise for a hot air balloon ride but Celine, the owner of Residence Dar Lamia set it up for us and we couldn't be more happy to check another item off of our bucket list. The company picked us up around 5AM for our hotel and brought us to tents where we were served moroccan tea as we waited for everyone else to join. At the end of our hot air balloon ride, we came back to traditional Moroccan breakfast and we were presented with a certificate of our trip and it had our names written in Arabic which we thought was pretty cool. 

In Marrakech we visited the YSL Museum and the Jardin de Majorelle which was such a sight to see. The use of colors against the natural cacti, open sky, and fountains felt like a photographer's oasis. This is a must see, if we are ever in Morocco again I would be more than happy to revisit. 

Not pictured we also went to the Medina in Marrakech, although we didn't stay long, I was able to pick up shoes and some oil. 

We split our time while in Morocco, between Marrakech, Casa Blanca and Chef Chaouene so we're going to make the next two cities into another blog post. I hope you enjoyed this one!

Safe Travels,