Top Travel Accessories on Amazon

We love lists. Here's one on our favorite travel accessories with links right to Amazon. 


Power Bank

A power bank proves to be useful even when we aren't traveling. It's an all around, great accessory. Rarely will you see us plugged into a wall, sitting on a nearby floor begging for some juice. We just carry our own with a portable power bank, 10,000 mAh seems to be a good size that doesn't violate flying restrictions and lasts a decent amount of time. We purchased the amazon basics power bank but you can grab a similar one here: power bank for $19 and prime.

travel accessories power bank

iClever Boost Cube

So many of our accessories are USB-powered so this makes a lot of sense for us. This cuts down space being used by individual cubes in our luggage. Not to mention that you would have to have a travel adapter for every plug. All you have to do is convert one plug with the boost cube and you can power 4 devices. You can purchase one here: iClever Boostcube for $20 prime

travel accessories boost cube

Tile Mate

Tiles are made for when life happens, as we all know that it does. Tiles are just that, little squares that you can attach to keys or leave in a bag (hidden preferably.) They come in packs of 1, 4 or 8. Now onto what they do, they're Bluetooth trackers. So when you and if, we hope not, but if you lose something that you've had a tile attached to or in, you can locate them through the tile mate key finder. Again this is one of those accessories that are great even if you're not traveling and you can find them here: Tile Mate starting at $25 prime 

travel accessories tile mate

Travel Cubes

Picture this, you've neatly packed your luggage. You've nailed down your rolling technique and seriously made us travellers proud. Then you get to TSA and they need a closer view of an item. They completely destroy your packing set up. We've ALL been there. This is why packing cubes are so great. TSA isn't trying to mess with your stuff, they're trying to keep everyone safe. Packing cubes make everyones life easier. You can store everything separately in neatly in different compartments. Pants, shirts, underwear etc. Now TSA can pass individual cubes through the Xray if need be and isolate what they have to take a closer look at. It's also just the best way to pack, we are seriously all about the cubes right now.  Check them out: Travel Cubes for $23

travel accessories travel cubes

Waterproof Backpack Cover

You never know when you're going to catch yourself in the middle of a hurricane, a downpour or you can be walking through a rain forest in some exotic land. This backpack cover is exactly for those moments. Although, we also use it for a day at the beach to avoid sand getting all up in our stuff. The waterproof backpack covers are legit, great for camera bags or just regular bags too that you need to keep dry. This is a must for us and at the price, you really can't beat it. For $8 it can save you thousands on camera equipment. Find yours here: Backpack Cover for $8 

travel accessories waterproof backpack cover

Squeeze Bottles

These shampoo and conditioner bottles can take a good squeezin'! When you're traveling and don't have your standard bottle of shampoo and conditioner it can be difficult to remember which is in what bottle. These bottles make it very easy with caps that twist and lock to reveal which you'll be lathering up with. They don't show the full word but a very quirky "shamp" appears and it gets the job done. We love these because we've had bottles leak on us but because they're made for squeezing they hold up under pressure. Also if you find yourself in a shower that doesn't have a ledge, there is a suction cup on the back so that they stick to the wall or doors of the shower. TSA Approved Squeeze bottles for $8 prime

travel accessories squeeze bottles

Phone Mount for Car

You can be sure that if you're renting a car, you're going to need GPS, instead of purchasing one from the car rental, use your phone. Of course, there won't be a mount available so we bring our own. We use this at home too, so it gets used every day. Don't forget to pack this one if you plan on renting a car. In fact, throw it in your luggage the moment after you book.  Car Phone Mount for $17

travel accessories phone mount

Flash Drive

This one is for the photographers, traveling with your hard drive can be a pain. It's big and there's another cable that you have to manage. Back up your photos daily with a flash drive instead. They're compact and convenient. Because it is so simple to use, you can get into the habit of saving your photos just in case anything happens to the card you've been using, you'll be happy you have your information. Relatively inexpensive you can grab one from PNY here: 32GB  flash drive for $16 

travel accessories flash drive


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