We have put together an overview of applications and websites that we use when we book trips and when we are traveling. We'll dive a little bit deeper into each of these programs and how to use them but for now here are the need-to-knows and must downloads.



There are a couple of sites that send notifications for flights but hopper is our favorite. We can watch multiple flights, and hopper's predictions have been pretty spot on for us in the past. Hopper has an app for both iOS and Android so we can both be in the know. Download the app, click search at the bottom, pick your departing city and your destination, pick your dates and watch the trip. If your dates are flexible pick the dates that show up in green for the lowest price. 

Hopper will even give you an estimate on when the price is expected to drop. This comes in handy for any nervous nellies who need to have an idea in mind of when they're going to be booking. 



OH Airbnb how I love thee. Airbnb has led us to some pretty sick penthouses, some really authentic casa particulars and all of our home away from homes. If you're trying to live like a local and can give up someone making your bed for you everyday then an Airbnb is the way to go. The app allows you to favorite listings so that you can come back to them. Another thing we love is that the prices don't actually go up if you book last minute. The only risk you run is not having availability but it all works out. 

Airbnb also does cross checks using social media for both hosts and guests so you can be sure you're not pulling up to some random parking lot. We personally like to book listings that have more than just a few reviews, however it isn't a deal breaker.


google trips

When we first heard about this app, it was a game changer. Google Trips saves your destinations and gives you need-to-knows just a click away like emergency numbers, hospitals, currency etc. They also give you food and drink options, discussing local specialties and top spots. The app shows you things to do and places to go while you're on your trip. 

Flight reservations aren't hidden deep down in your email with Google Trips, they are at the forefront of the application, also for iOs and Android. If you don't have service abroad you can download the destination so you can access the information offline. We love this app! 



Not only do I use SayHi when traveling but I also use it at home, so you know it's good. SayHi is an application that uses both text and voice to dictate and translate. Our favorite part about this application is the different dialects that it has built in. For instance, there are 19 different dialects of Spanish for 19 countries that you can choose from. 

You have be connected to the internet when you use this app because it has so many languages that it would take up way too much space on your phone. It doesn't have every language, like Icelandic, so we were happy to find Iceland was an English speaking country. You'll have to do a little research on your destination before you expect to be using this app. However, we highly suggest you download it anyway. It'll come in handy when you least expect it. 

whatsapp travel app
whatsapp travel app


Everyone has done've landed in a foreign country and out of habit, you go to text someone from back home but you can't since you're roaming.  WhatsApp has you covered.  With this app, you can text, talk, and facetime with your peoples back home with the same phone numbers as long as you're on Wifi.  This is perfect if you have a layover in another city for a few hours, or if you don't have an unlocked phone to purchase an international sim card for.  Think about it, you can still send emojis and pictures of your food to your jealous friends and family back home FOR FREE!