You can say Austin and I were always on our way to each other. We met at an anti-Valentines Day party I threw after a mutual friend that I invited brought Austin. The January before, we were both at a random house party for New Years. I only knew the person who brought me and Austin only knew the person who brought him. We were strangers standing back to back on January 1st but it took over a month to actually meet. 

Austin was wearing a plaid shirt at my party that was very similar to one that I own. I grabbed the button up shirt, we laughed at the and similarity took our first photos together. Five years later, Austin wore that same button up, plaid shirt the day we got married in Thailand and I wore mine that morning while I got ready to say 'I do." 

Our very first trip together was to Arizona. We stood for a week, Austin lived in Phoenix before we met so we were surrounded by his friends, in-n-out and stunning scenery. We hiked in Sedona, saw the stars like I had never seen before, raced go karts, paddled in paddle boats and everything in between. At the end of the trip, we genuinely missed each other. That's when we realized this thing we had was the real deal. Since then we've seen over thirteen countries together, we've taken countless flights and snapped thousands of photos.  

Us by AManda Lee